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Metal Cutting and Welding Using Next Generation Industrial Fiber Laser Sources

Over the past decade, fiber lasers have revolutionized industrial materials processing because of their unique combination of performance, reliability, and cost advantages. Fiber laser sources have displaced both legacy lasers and non-laser technologies in existing applications, and they have made possible new applications that could not be addressed with previous technologies. nLIGHT has developed the next generation…

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FABTECH Welcomes International Visitors

If you’ll be traveling to FABTECH from another country this year, you are not alone. The post-show report from our last show in Chicago tells us that international visitors from 87 countries made the trip to Chicago that year. It may take a little extra planning, but experiencing FABTECH 2017 will definitely be worth it. If…

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Discover all that is NEW at FABTECH 2017

FABTECH provides a dynamic environment where you can meet with world-class suppliers, see the latest industry products and trends, and uncover the tools to improve productivity, facilitate growth, and increase profits. The 2017 event will showcase the latest in industry developments and technologies with an unprecedented number of new offerings including: New FABx Tech Talk…

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Welder School Training

WELDING SCHOOL COURSES Welding Metallurgy X-ray film interpretation Welding inspection methods Welding inspection criteria Basic math for tank layout Welding wire classifications Preheat and post weld heat treatment Nozzle fit-up Tank layout WELDING SCHOOL DAILY SCHEDULE 2 hours technical classroom training 2 hours practical welding to help pass weld tests 2 hours on-the-job training in welding, layout,…

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