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Get the training to earn your degree or certificates in the welding industry.

Free Welding Class

FREE Welding Class Offer Purchase a new welding machine and receive a FREE welding class!  With small classes and a wealth of knowledge, Cee Kay Supply offers the right training for you. Cee Kay provides one-day classes in MIG, TIG, and stick and a half-day course in Oxy-fuel. Courses incorporate in-class andhands-on training. Our training classes use NEW equipment from Miller,…

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Ironworkers/AWS National Welding Certification Program

The Ironworkers/AWS National Welding Certification Program is a highly respected and National recognized program. The program is a partnership with the American Welding Society and provides an unparalleled standard of excellence for welder training, qualification, and certification. The benefits for our members, signatory employers, and owners are significant. Our certifications provide portability; the ownership is with the…

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Online welding, electricity course for free

Miller Electric Mfg Co offers free basic MIG (wire welding) and basic electricity online training courses. Designed to help users understand the MIG process and issues dealing with electricity and how it relates to welding components and operation, these interactive courses can be found on the Training/Education page at Users can work through the courses…

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About CDA CDA Technical Institute (CDA), formerly Commercial Diving Academy, is the only accredited commercial diving school in the Southeast. CDA is not your average welding school, and in fact offer the most comprehensive and rigorous program (20 weeks) of all the other accredited commercial diver training schools. CDA also offers more internationally recognized certifications…

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10 Employers of US Underwater Welding Jobs

Top 10 Diving Companies with Underwater Welding Jobs 1. Bisso Marine Location: Houston, Texas Bisso Marine goes back, way back. They’ve been around since the 19th century, and they’ve expanded their operations significantly since then. Bisso has a long list of clientele and an incredible portfolio of various types of projects, from deep depth to shallow, heavy lifting. They…

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what other training do I need to qualify as a welder-diver?

What skills are prerequisite to entering the field of underwater welding? A welder-diver is a certified welder and commercial diver, capable of performing tasks associated with commercial sub sea work, weld set up and preparation, and who has the ability to weld in accordance with the AWS D3.6M, Underwater Welding Code, wet or dry, and…

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What Underwater Welding Looks Like

Now you know what an underwater weld looks like.

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Welder Qualification

Welding Certifications and Welder Qualification Tests! What is a Welding Certification? Definition: Welding Certifications are technically a hands-on welder qualification test that is conducted by certified welding inspector that will determine if the person or machine can produce a sound quality weld up to the code or welding procedure needed for a Company, job site or a…

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What You Should Know About Becoming a Maritime Welder

Looking for an adventurous career that also offers the chance for travel and the potential for earning a good living? Becoming a maritime welder may be the right choice for you. Job opportunities could lead to performing welding on ships and barges in coastal areas domestically and abroad. It’s a challenging job, but the rewards could be significant in…

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